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What Are Refillable Candles?

Refillable Candles are a mysterious, yet reliable, form of home décor that will last forever when properly cared for. Read on to learn more!

Refillable candles, you say? What does that even mean?

Well, part of the magic of The Royal Candle Maker candles is, to put it simply, that the beautifully carved outer layers of our candles do not melt when the wick is lit. You read that right - the intricately carved artwork you purchase from our shop is a lifetime investment, and it is the special combination of wick and wax masterfully crafted by our carver and founder, Jerry Hurst, that makes this miracle possible.

Although you may be afraid to light the wick of your refillable candle, be assured that all of the wonderful features of your candle will remain perfectly in tact. However, the area around the wick, called the core, will melt down to create a well the perfect size to insert a refill. For instructions on how to refill your candle, please click here.

Depending on the size of the candle you are refilling, it will require either 1 inch sections of tapered candles, or standard votives, both available for purchase at our Renaissance Festival locations. Your job is to follow our Burning and Care Instructions to ensure that the core melts only to the required depth of your refill. Once the wick has burned deep enough to create the well, you will need to blow out the fire, and wait for it to cool before you place a refill inside of it. Once the refill has melted down completely (our scented votives burn for a minimum of 20 hours), you will be left with the same well created by the initial burn and you will be able to place refill after refill within the candle.

Light the candle - just do it! Why?

If you light your candle, it will demonstrate a range of features:

  • Once lit, the candle will even emit a lovely, soft glow from the innermost layer, called the core.

  • When you purchase your candle, the core color is already chosen and that is the color that the candle will glow when lit. However, when you refill the candle, the core color and the color of your refill will both glow together! With every refill, you can change the color of the glow, which is perfect for matching your home décor as it changes throughout the year.

  • Our 8 inch candles require a votive sized candle to refill, and we have scented votives available for purchase at our Renaissance Festival locations. Each scented votive is made of three simple ingredients - a cotton wick, paraffin wax, and pure essential oils. Our votives burn for a minimum of 20 hours and they come in a wide range of fragrances. The scent of these long lasting refills will create a welcoming atmosphere in your home and can be changed to your hearts content! Our scented selection of votives range from cozy, warm Vanilla, and calming, refreshing Lavender Mint to the bright and vibrant Country Blue Bonnet and energizing Mandarin Orange. We have over 80 scents to choose from! For those of you who do not enjoy scented candles, as for a candle in another size and refill it with our unscented taper candles.

  • Most of our candles sized other than 8 inches require 1 inch sections of a tapered candle to refill. We offer two types of tapers for purchase at our Renaissance Festival locations - standard paraffin and beeswax. Beeswax tapers come in a few gentle scents including Frankincense, Myrrh, and Frankincense and Myrrh. We also offer an unscented beeswax taper as well as a selection of unscented colored tapers made of simple paraffin wax.

I Just Can't Make Myself Light the Candle!

We've heard this many times, and we understand. That's why, when Burning and Care Instructions are properly followed, we offer a lifetime guarantee on our candles. If the outside does indeed melt when all the Burning and Care Instructions have been followed, give us a call, email, or come see us in person and we will replace your candle for free.

Still not convinced? We get it! When you visit us in person, you can ask our carver to modify your candle to accept battery powered LED candles inside of it. Then you'll never have to worry about the candle melting away!

Are You Brave Enough to Light Your Candle?

We would love to see it! Send us an e-mail or tag us in a social media post with a video or photo of your candle with the wick lit and we may feature it in an upcoming e-mail, newsletter, blog post, or social media post. We look forward to seeing your beautiful works of art in action!


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