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Warren's Fuscia Refillable Ribbon Candle

Our beautiful hand-carved ribbon candles are made-to-order, and have been carefully designed in such a way that they can be refilled with smaller candles. They also have a delicate glow from the inner core when the wick is lit. For more information, please click here.

This color pattern comes with a white glow, followed by alternating layers of pink, blue and purple. Finally, we dip the candle into a gradient layer of the same three colors, starting with a dark purple at the base of the candle and ending with a bright fuchsia at the top of the candle. The outside of the candle is topped off with a glossy, easy-to-clean clear wax glaze.

Warren's Fuscia Refillable Ribbon Candle

  • Please be aware that all candles have a set $35 shipping and handling fee. Since we can't guarantee that the shipping company will handle your candle with care, we go to great lengths to ensure your candle is packed safely so it will arrive in perfect condition.

  • Damaged orders can be remade, regardless of how they were damaged. However, you may need to pay a little extra, or surrender your damaged candle, at our carvers discretion. Please contact us using the information at the bottom of this page, or via our contact form, to discuss the details and requirements for your particular situation, and to determine if it's an order that should be remade in-person or if it can be done though mail/shipping.


    Jerry Hurst

    (512) 567-3057

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