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How to Order Refillable Scenery Candles

Scenery Candles

We make the best scenery candles - we have several theme options in circulation and available upon request. We also do custom scenery candle orders - if you have figurines that you would like us to add to your candle, we will honor your ideas! If you don’t have your own figures but have a dream design that you want to see become a reality, we will meet your expectations and provide the figurines for you at no extra cost! No worries! Pick any size (we offer small 8in, medium 10in, and large 15in!), color, and decoration you want, and, fear not, the outside of our candles don't burn [link to Intro to Refillable Candles blog post], so you can keep your design forever!

More information on Scenery Candles coming soon!


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