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What Are The Carving Designs For Refillable Candles?

Our refillable candles are beautifully and uniquely carved works of art. It takes a lot of skill and expertise to create a candle this lovely, and we would never want the outside to melt while the wick is lit. In fact, they are specially designed to, as long as instructions are followed, last forever.

The main carving designs we create are the butterfly, the basket, and two types of bow patterns. For special occasions, we will also carve hearts or a Celtic cross. As you will see below, we only carve certain designs on certain sized candles.

8 inch Candle Carving Patterns These beautiful candles stand a modest eight inches tall, and are our best seller for a reason – not necessarily because of their size, but because they refill with ease (which we go into more detail about in another blog). That being said, size does matter here, because the designs we carve into the eight inch candles differ from those we do in other sizes.

In order from left to right, the carving designs pictured below are the Bow Curls Up, Bow Curls Down, and the Basket Weave.

Left: (size) 7in (color) Gun Metal Pink (carving pattern) Bow Curls Up; Center: (size) 8in (color) Gun Metal Pink (carving pattern) Bow Curls Down; (size) 5in (color) Gun Metal Pink (carving pattern) Basket

Bow Designs

The Bow design comes in two distinct patterns – the Bow: Curls-Down and the Bow: Curls-Up. The first, and most common in our shop, is the Bow: Curls Down pattern, or the one we refer to simply as the standard Bow. As pictured the top 2/3 of both bow patterns are the same. There are four bows evenly distributed around the candle, separated by a twirled spear of wax that elegantly displays the layers of color within the candle. Each side of the bow is delicately topped with a downward facing curl. The candles begin to differ when we look at the bottom 1/3 of the candle.

Bow: Curls-Down vs. Bow: Curls-Up

Once you take a closer look at the bottom 1/3 of the first two candles pictured, you can clearly see the difference in the Bow: Curls-Down and the Bow: Curls-Up designs. The candle furthest to the left, Bow: Curls-Down, is named in such a way to describe the particular curls underneath both sides of the bow, which features three cuts of wax expertly rolled on top of one another, curling away from the bottom of the bow.

The Bow: Curls-Up design features one cut of wax per side of the bow, gently twisted upward toward the bottom of each side of the bow. Can you see the difference?

Once fascinating and surprising detail featured in these candles is that when the wick is lit, the candle glows from the core, offering a delicate light flickering from behind the bows, curls, and the exposed core in the top 1/3 of the candle.

Basket Weave Design

The Basket Weave candle, or the right-most candle pictured, is quite different from the two bow patterns previously discussed. This design features multiple rows of wax folded in alternating directions, creating an intricately weaved pattern, which reflects the essence of a woven basket. This candle features a soft and beautiful glow from the top 2/3 of the candle, with a small amount of light peaking through the openings in the basket weave, as well.

7 inch Candle Carving Patterns

More Information Coming Soon!

5 inch Candle Carving Patterns

More information Coming Soon!

Custom Carved Candles

The custom-carved candles are unscented; However, they may be refilled with scented votives if you prefer a more entertaining candle, all of our scented candles come in glass jars. Choose your carving and color patterns, and sizes to your liking. For more information check out our "Custom Carved Candles" blog. Remember, the outside layer of our candles DO NOT BURN, so you can potentially keep them forever!


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