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Unique, Handcrafted Candles…
The art of candle carving is passed down from one person to another much like an old time apprenticeship. Many of the designs that we continue to make today are the same ones that we learned as apprentices. New designs that have been added over time are exclusive creations of THE ROYAL CANDLEMAKER, such as Storm Castles, Lighthouses, and Southwest candles. All of the carved candles except for the carved tapers are refillable.

These candles are handcrafted in the highest tradition of professional candlemaking. We create high quality, long burning, refillable, hand carved candles and long burning hand poured scented candles

Jerry Hurst – Master Candle Carver
Educated as a Registered Nurse and after working in the profession for a number of years, I was looking for a change. I was introduced to the art of candle carving thru Becky, my previous wife. She had been working at a candle shop in Wimberley, Texas since 1984.

In our early years, we traveled as a family; Becky, Jeri Renee, and Jenny making and selling candles at various state fairs, county fairs, rodeos, and arts & crafts shows.

In 1991, we were introduced to the world of Renaissance Festivals. Our first fair was the Scarborough Renaissance Festival, which we continue to do today and consider it our home fair. Since then we participate at the Arizona Renaissance Festival, the New York Renaissance Faire, and the Carolina Renaissance Festival (Event Schedule).

With our continued interest in Renaissance festivals we have changed our name to THE ROYAL CANDLEMAKER. Our children and granddaughter, Billye Hannah, play a role in our family candle business.

The name for the renaissance festivals has changed but our commitment to our customers by providing them with the highest quality in carved and scented candles will never change.